Denise is the best in the business. She is professional, prepared, articulate, and personable. I would recommend her to friends and family without a doubt.

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Denise Hammond Is Your Professional Real Estate Agent In Houston TX

Denise Hammond, Professional Real Estate Agent in Houston TX, understands selling your home can be a significant milestone in your life. The money you receive from your transaction can go a long way in deciding you and your families' financial future.

However, selling your home can often be stressful and even frightening; many do not even know where to begin.

Below is a step by step guide to selling your home.

Make a plan

The first step is to clearly think over and consider the goals for selling your home. It is important to also consider current marketing conditions and determine if now the best time for you to sell.

At this step you would contact a realtor to represent you.

Denise Hammond would work with you to meet the goals you set. She would help develop a plan that is catered to your best interest through her experience and knowledge of the market.

Make major repairs

At this stage you would need to carefully examine your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. You should check especially your lighting, plumbing, doors, windows, flooring, heating, ventilation, drainage systems, driveways, and roof: Any major problems could easily turn away a buyer.

Denise could assist you in stage by helping you find electricians, plumbers, and carpenters to repair your home (if needed) at a fair price.

Make minor repairs

When major repairs are complete you should start focusing on smaller cosmetic improvements to your home. Small changes to the interior and exterior could have a significant affect on your home's appeal to a prospective buyer.

Unlike other realtors in the field Denise Hammond would help her clients at this stage. Denise would personally make certain your home is more inviting to buyers.

Decide on a price

Now that you have made repairs to your home it is time to set a price. This is usually a confusing stage for home sellers who just want to get the best price they can on their home in a timely manner. It is best at this point to check the prices of comparable homes and to get your homes' value appraised. 

Denise Hammond is highly familiar with the Houston market and would be able to accurately value your home and pick a price point with your best interests in mind.

Market your home

With the price set it's time to begin marketing your home to buyers. At this stage you would need to make it know that your home is being sold by placing it in listings and putting up a "for sale" sign: You would also do open house walk-throughs to show prospective buyers your home.

When a buyer is found the offer of the home would be negotiated and a contract then signed if an agreement is reached.

Denise has years of experience in marketing homes in Houston and would be able to get the word out on your home to more buyers. She also represents you in negotiating offers.

Close the sale

The last step in selling your home is to close the sale. At this stage the first thing you need to do is choose someone to administer the closing. Next would come the task of completing all necessary paper work and paying all required fees.

As a professional real estate agent in Houston TX, Denise Hammond has proven her ability to close sales in Bellaire, South Hampton, Mid Town, Montrose, Rice Military, Tanglewood, Piney Point, and even Montgomery County. Denise would also work with you to make handling of the final paper work and fees less confusing.

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